About Us

Our Mission

To provide a forum for members and others to freely exchange experiences and opinions-promoting a deeper understanding of venture capitalist’s functions, its management, and its role in developing growth-oriented businesses.

To foster, and support, absolute standards of service and integrity by venture capitalists.
To promote the art and science of venture capital-educating members, the public and governmental authorities in the advancement, improvement and uses of venture capital.

To maintain close, cooperative relationships with local and regional Venture Capitalist groups.
To undertake any other functions that will further advance the value of our organization to its members, the business community and our community as a whole.
Our Value

If a city’s business climate can be measured by the strength of its venture capital community, no organization has had a stronger impact on Birmingham’s business climate since 1985 than the Birmingham Venture Club.  BVC has encouraged local entrepreneurial investment and success by:

Supporting committed entrepreneurs through education-in areas ranging from the benefits of venture capital to business planning and growth management.

Facilitating information-sharing and relationship-development opportunities among investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals serving those groups.

Stimulating investment capital for ventures developed in the Birmingham community.
It’s no secret that small business drives our economy-while new business drive growth and innovation for our future. What’s not as well known is the Birmingham Venture Club’s pivotal role in driving our region’s entrepreneurial spirit.

We play an integral role in Birmingham’s entrepreneurial culture by providing our members (primarily venture capitalists and the professionals who support them) open lines for access to, and exchange of, everything from ideas and information to financial and human capital. An important part of our mission is the encouragement of high standards among venture capitalists, both in service and conduct, and promotion of the art & science of venture capital. Toward that end, we provide a wealth of resources to educate our members—as well as the public and governmental authorities—in the advancement and uses of venture capital.